Name of Staff Applicant
Is Applicant Saved?
Is Applicant Sanctified?
Is Applicant Filled with the Holy Ghost?
Is Applicant a member of The Church of God in good standing?
How is Applicant's current spiritual condition?
How is Applicant's attendance to all regular services?
How is Applicant's dependability as a Christian year round?
How does Applicant get along & work with young people?
How is Applicant's participation & cooperation in local church activities?
How is Applicant's enthusiasm & genuine interest in camp?
How is Applicant's leadership ability in the Lord & the Church?
Does the applicant believe and practice the church teachings and advice as set forth by the General Assembly?
Pastor, would you personally recoommend Applicant as a Family Camp Staff Mamber?
Have you discussed this evalution with Applicant?
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