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T-Shirts have to be paid for in advance.
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If camper is under 5 parent may sign.
Recreation Activities consist of: Rock Wall, Blob, Zip Line, Large Swing, & Archery. If you prefer for your child to NOT Participate in any of these activities, please list the specific activities above. If they can participate in all of them put N/A.
I give permission for the above-named minor to be baptized in water during camp if they desire.*
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All medication is to be given to the camp nurse to administer to the camper unless approved by camp administration. Put N/A if you are not taking any medications.

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Permission to use Photograph for The Church of God, NC - Family Camp
I grant to The Church of God, it's representatives the right to take photographs of me (or my child) and my property in connection with the above-identified subject. I authorize The Church of God, it's assigns and transferees to copyright, use, and publish the same in print and/or electronically.
Camp Tuition*
FAMILY PLAN (Cost reflects ages 6 and up) (family must live in same household) Choose the plan of the number in the household that is age 6 & up. For ages of 3-5, you will add $20 to family plan to cover food cost. Ages 2 & under - no cost. The SNACK SHACK will be open to purchase snacks/drinks. This is NOT included in the tuition. Snack Shack cards can be purchased in advance or at camp. ($5 per card) *Deduct $5 from plan for each member of staff. APPLICATION DEADLINE May 1, 2023 No applications after deadline unless extenuating circumstances occur.
Payment Options*
A deposit of $20.00 is required with this application for coverage of insurance while in-route to camp. T-Shirts must also be paid in advance to get one. You may cancel up to 1 week in advance and receive a refund. There are no refunds for T-Shirts.