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IYC is August 30-Sept 2, 2024
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The Following Must Be Answered & Signed To Be Able To Work In Camp (this is a requirement of the Insurance Company and is no reflection of The Church of God. All information received is confidential and is held at the State Office.) -The Authorization for Criminal Background Check MUST be completed if you have not previously filled one out. Contact Sis. Debbie for details.

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FAMILY PLAN (Cost reflects ages 6 and up) (family must live in same household) Choose the plan of the number in the household that is age 6 & up. For ages of 3-5, you will add $20 to family plan to cover food cost. Ages 2 & under - no cost. The SNACK SHACK will be open to purchase snacks/drinks. This is NOT included in the tuition. Snack Shack cards can be purchased in advance or at camp. ($5 per card) *Deduct $5 from plan for each member of staff. APPLICATION DEADLINE May 1, 2023 No applications after deadline unless extenuating circumstances occur.